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Kenyan Paraplegic Org Chandaria Spinal Injury Rehabilitation and Trauma Centre

Whether traumatic or non-traumatic in origin, spinal cord injury (SCI) is a very significant health condition. While SCI will always be life-changing, it does not have to undermine the possibilities of a good and fulfilling life for individuals. The social impact of SCI does not necessarily depend on the severity or level of the injury, but on social and environmental factors, particularly the availability of appropriate and accessible health care. With the right rehabilitation, SCI does not have to be a terminal condition, nor does it need to prevent anyone from having an education, finding employment, having a family, and having a successful and productive life.

Without access to rehabilitation, a person with SCI is more likely to die prematurely. Appropriate medical care and rehabilitation can prevent complications associated with SCI and can assist the person towards a fulfilling and productive life. The provision of appropriate and timely medical care and rehabilitation (including assistive technology) has significant impact on mortality, morbidity and disability in people with SCI whose outcome is productive and enjoyable life for people with SCI.