Kenyan Paraplegic Org Chandaria Spinal Injury Rehabilitation and Trauma Centre is grateful to the individuals, families, foundations, and corporations who understand our mission and have chosen to support the needs of our patients and help give them the opportunity to receive rehabilitative care. In the last years, cumulative financial contributions of Kshs . 110,700,913.25 (USD 1,107,009).  have shown that the Rehabilitaion and Trauma Centre has a dynamic support system to meet its commitment to excellence for our community’s present and future and rehabilitation needs. Your generosity has helped us start the process of establishment of the Centre. Thank you for your caring and support.

Given the multiple health care needs of people with SCI, a comprehensive range of services is required, with substantial investment of resources. We make an appeal for your continued support towards completion of Phase One of the Rehabilitation and Trauma Center. No matter how you decide to give, your contributions will help complete the construction and equipment of the Centre so that patients of all ages who are coping with disabling injuries will maximize opportunities for optimal improvements, maintenance of function and productive participation in the society.

On behalf of the people who will benefit from Kenyan Paraplegic Org Chandaria Spinal Injury Rehabilitation and Trauma Centre therapeutic, education and community services, we would like you to understand how much we appreciate not only your donation, but also your respect for the challenges people face in overcoming disability. In addition, your support says that you value the work we will do in rehabilitation and our commitment to provide maximum opportunity to each individual, in terms of rehabilitation success. You will help us make a difference in the lives of more than 50,000 people every year. Thank you for investing in our vision of Being the leading center in achieving the highest level of possible outcomes in wellbeing, productivity and independence for persons with SCI.

There are many different giving opportunities to make it easier for you to support the establishment and growth of the Kenyan Paraplegic Org Chandaria Spinal Injury Rehabilitation and Trauma Centre, including the following options:

Monetary Donations

Non-Monetary Donations

Make a Planned Giving